This article about our daily activity and our exercise every week.
People should have a exercise or activity, because if they doesn’t have that, something will get happen in their body. Exercise is not only to a young man and woman, but it’s to a older people. Example if one girl is don’t have a activity or exercise, the body of this girl will be like a old woman, her muscles will not work well, and she will have a obesity. Some people want to have a perfect body, not only a boy but girl too.

Exercise is not only to do in SportHall, in field, and another place to do exercise, but we can do exercise in every place like home, bedroom, class, or mall. Why I said mall is the example for doing the exercise? Because we go around the mall, we just walking. So when we walking our muscle in foot is working, so this is a little example.

When we do the exercise? This is a simple question. We do the exercise when we have a free time, but if we didn’t have you can just walking. So if we have a job like a nurse or the other job but I will example a nurse cause I’m a nurse. If patient call you, don’t be a lazy and don’t late we must go to them and serve them. We walk around the hospital to check our patient it’s a part of the exercise. So for girls and boys, if you want have a good or perfect body you must exercise or doing your activity everyday, don’t be a lazy. Lazy can make you sick.



Best Friend

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What is the meaning of best friend?

Many people with many meaning, so i think the meaning of best friend is Someone who always makes us rise up when we fell. Everyone have a best friend, why? Because in best friend we can share together our problem, we can encourage each other, and many things we can do with our friend

Sometimes best friend know everything about us than our parents, why it can happen? Because we don’t tell to them what our problem and our feeling, we just tell to our best friend. So friends if you have problem don’t be shy and don’t be affraid to tell your parents because if something happen to you, your parents know that. If you have a busy parents, you must need a best friend so can sharing with your best friend. I believe in my friend but not as much as I believe in my parents.

Find a best friend is hard. We must see each person, who is match to be our best friend. To find a ftiend it’s easy , but to find a best friend it’s not easy like we find a friend. So friends don’t wrong to choose your best friend or friend, because them will be with you outside your home.



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Burung cendrawasih adalah burung surga. Cendrawasih hanya terdapat di Papua,untuk orang luar yang ingin melihat burung cendrawasih datang saja ke West Papua.cendrawasih

Hewan Peliharaan

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Hewan Peliharaan adalah hewan yang bisa dijadikan teman yang ke2 . untuk itu bagi yang tidak mempunyai hewan pelihararaan cepat-cepatlah membeli hewan peliharaan agar hidup anda tidak sendirian. Bagi orang yang tidak suka anjing kasihan de elo …nasibmu !!!.anjing


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I love papua, Your is the best forever in my heart

Hello world!

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